My New Place

Hello Everyone ! How are you all doing ? There has been a few changes since I last blogged, We moved to Atlanta, GA. Now that makes it 3 places in 3 years, Oxford, MS ( 2 years ) Macon, GA ( 10 months ) and now Atlanta, GA. Today’s post is about my new place.So far so good. I like it here, the community we live in is nice and the neighbors are friendly and helpful. We have a bit of greenery in the middle of our community, which lies just outside my patio.

Which extends to
I call it a small forest, don’t know if it’s grammatically correct . Having a small forest as your backyard has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, well everything in life has it’s pros and cons.
So the pros are I get a few furry, feathery and sometimes scaly visitors ( not much of a pro though )

I’m camera shy


Mr. Lizard posing for the camera

Leaf and bug
A few flora as well
Now coming to cons, we have lots and lots of mosquitoes. Damn ! Can’t even stay for 5 minutes without scratching my arms and legs.

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