Start of the Day


Sun has finally decided to show his face after hiding for almost a week.Seeing the colorful display after getting used to grey skies makes it seem like a wonderful sight.  I took this pic during my morning walks, a new habit that I have been trying to keep up with since the start of the year but the weather is not at all encouraging.

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38 thoughts on “Start of the Day

  1. We all are enjoying the sun when he decides to pop through the clouds. I used to do a morning walk but now I do deep water aerobics four days a week and walk the other three.

  2. what a beautiful sky. It looks a little dark. Be careful. I am just about ready to start morning walks again. Our weather has been just too darn cold to get out much lately but it’s beginning to warm up a little now

  3. Love this, Divya! Even as a viewer, it is all the more beautiful knowing you haven’t seen the sun in a week. Hope it sticks!

  4. This is beautiful! I’m so irritated by daylight saving time because it was just beginning to be not dark in the mornings again and now it will keep being dark. I’d rather have light in the morning than it be light until 10pm in the summer.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photo!! I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I’ve been so much happier since the sun has decided to make an appearance, not to mention it makes for some really spectacular photo-ops!

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