My Place

Hello Everyone ! Today’s post is about my place. This is the place I come back to after my trips. I love travelling  to new places , but nothing beats having a place to come back to.

I live in Oxford, Mississippi. It’s a small city named after the famous British university city of Oxford in hopes of having the state university located there, which it did successfully attract.  Oxford is the home of the University of Mississippi, commonly known as “Ole Miss.”

I stay at “The Links ” community. It’s a nice community. I like the landscape design of this community. Here are some of the pic of my community, which I took during my morning walk.



Plant growing at the end of the pond.


It’s hard to see sunrises from my community 😦 trees of neighboring community block the view.


Don’t know what this is, but it looks beautiful. If anyone know what this is, please let me know.


Wildflowers blossoming at the end of the community.




Happy Fall Season Everyone 🙂



20 thoughts on “My Place

  1. wow… I love it! I love your place and the way you took pictures of it! Makes me want to steal them! Oh well not exactly..uh,let me say “borrow”? But you know, really.. I would love to be in such a place! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing pictures. Very serene.
    I really want to get good at photography. I have yet to get a decent camera-which one are you using? Which camera do you recommend for a beginner?

    • Hello Deanna ! Thank you :). I am using Nikon D3100. I would recommend Nikon D3200 ( an upgraded version of my camera,) it’s an entry level DSLR with lots of features, more than sufficient for a beginner.

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