A Weekend in Chattanooga

Last weekend we visited Chattanooga. Chattanooga is about 330 miles away from Oxford, MS. It took us approximately 5hrs. It was decided on the spur of the moment. Luckily hotels were available as it wasn’t a long weekend (29th June). We visited Ruby Falls, Inclined Railways & Rock City. So Here we go. Ruby Falls are located within Lookout Mountains near Chattanooga, TN. Ruby Falls are 145 feet high underground waterfalls. It is about 1120 ft below the ground level. A little history about this waterfalls, ruby falls was discovered by Leo Lambert and was named after his wife Ruby. The natural entrance of the lookout mountains was closed due to the construction of a tunnel by the Southern Railroad Company in 1905. Leo Lambert who knew the existence of Lookout Mountain cave prior to it being sealed off wanted to reopen it to the public. On December 28, 1928, while excavating  a worker discovered a void in the rock and felt a gush of air. This void  located at the 260 foot level. Upon further inspection, an opening, 18 inches high and five feet wide, was discovered. Which when further explored led to the waterfalls. Some of the rock formations in the cave.

2013--May-25-27-Smokey-Mountains-&-Chattanooga-309 - Copy

Elephant’s Foot


Leo’s Passage


Dragon’s Teeth


Western Sunset


The narrow passage in the cave.

The passage in the cave

Passage to the Falls

This rock formation is filled with water that seeps through the cave. 2013--May-25-27-Smokey-Mountains-&-Chattanooga-375 Finally the ” Ruby Falls ” 2013--May-25-27-Smokey-Mountains-&-Chattanooga-355 2013--May-25-27-Smokey-Mountains-&-Chattanooga-354 2013--May-25-27-Smokey-Mountains-&-Chattanooga-353 2013--May-25-27-Smokey-Mountains-&-Chattanooga-349


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