An Overdue Vacation (Part 2)

Hello Everyone.  Welcome back to Camera and Clicks! As I was saying in my previous post” An Overdue Vacation” last month we had an all family outing to Kerala. After Munnar we went to Alappuzha also know as Alleppey a city in Alappuzha district of Kerala. It’s one of the important tourist destinations of Kerala. A boathouse cruise in the Backwaters of Alappuzha is most exquisite.


All the boathouses start at one point. You need to be there at the allotted time. We booked 2 boats with all the elders in one boat and the youngsters in the other boat.


We stopped for lunch at a small island in the backwaters. We also came across some makeshift stores selling chips, drinks, water, and few other eatables.


The island we stopped for dinner was a big one. There was rice field on that island. We had to cross a small bridge (made of tree trunks ) to enter into the fields.




We spent the night there and returned to main land the next morning.

By 11 we were all set to our next destination “Kovalam Beach “. I am a sucker for beaches, me and my cousins played so much, that we even forgot about lunch. Tides were so big, it was so much fun. I was so busy playing that I couldn’t capture any photos 😦 but nevertheless I had a wonderful time.

Well that’s the end of the trip. Hope you all enjoyed it. It’s definitely worth visiting.


10 thoughts on “An Overdue Vacation (Part 2)

  1. Wow my mom was born in Trivandrum so I have visited many times but I have never seen this. Lol guess I’ll have to go check out the beautiful views. I love the nature in southern India, absolutely beautiful. Thank you!!


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